Central Park West at 79th Street
New York

The American Museum of Natural History has the largest collection of insects, amphibians, marine life, reptiles, mammal fossils and dinosaurs in the world. The museum was opened in 1869 and has more than 36 million objects. Two of the biggest attractions in the museum are the life-size replica a of a blue whale which was captured in 1925 and which measures almost 9m and the giant meteorite which was found in Greenland. Another popular attraction is the largest dinosaur’s skeleton in the world. This museum also has an IMAX cinema and Hayden Planetarium.

In the Fossil Hall you will see the largest collection of fossils in the world, with 600 samples and the biggest dinosaur in the world. The Rose Center has a large planetarium and collections which are about the universe. Biodiversity is the last section and it aims to make people aware of the risk of not protecting the environment and a huge diorama of a tropical rainforest.

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