St. Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2014

Valentine’s Day dates as far back as the Roman Empire and is named after two Christian martyrs named Valentine. One myth is that Valentine sent the first ‘Valentine’ love letter to a young girl who visited him while he was in prison. He signed the letter with the famous phrase ‘From your Valentine’ and so this explains where it originates from. It has become a day when couples express how much they love each other and they send each other flower, chocolates and a card. The day is celebrated in different ways throughout the UK. For example, ‘Jack’ Valentine leaves sweets and presents at the door of houses in Norfolk.  In Wales, it is the 25th January which is celebrated instead of, or as well as Valentine’s Day. The day is known as St Dwynwen’s Day and celebrates the patron saint of Welsh lovers. 

St. Valentine’s Day Calendar

Plan ahead using this calendar to make sure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.

Saint Valentine’s Day 2014 Friday
Saint Valentine’s Day 2015 Saturday
Saint Valentine’s Day 2016 Sunday
Saint Valentine’s Day 2017 Tuesday
Saint Valentine’s Day 2018 Wednesday

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