New Year’s Day, 1st January 2015

According to the Gregorian calendar, adopted by Great Britain and its colonies in 1752, New Year’s Day is celebrated on the 1st January.  It is exactly eight days after Christmas Day and is usually a day of reflection on events from the previous year and a time to think about the coming year. There are various television documentaries dedicated to significant individuals who died during the year, as well as programmes which count down the top music hits and consider the political movements and natural disasters of the former year.  With the New Year, comes new ambitions and goals, therefore it is also considered a great occasion to make New Year’s resolutions, such as to give up smoking or to loose weight.

New Year celebrations usually take place on the 31st December – New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay as it is known in Scotland.  All over Britain there are street parties, fireworks displays, singing and dancing.  The main parties take place in London and Edinburgh and are usually televised for all to see.  Britons normally countdown the last 10 seconds of the old year accompanied by the chimes of Big Ben, a famous British icon, and when it arrives at 0, everyone shouts Happy New Year and many start singing Auld Lang Syne, a song written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns.  The street parties in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland are particularly popular and people travel from every corner of the world to attend the festivities which last all night and sometimes go on to the evening of the 1st January because the 2nd January is a bank holiday in Scotland. 

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New Year’s Day Calendar

When is New Year’s Day? New Year’s Day is on 1st January. New Year’s Day falls on the following days over the next years.

New Year’s Day 2015 Thursday
New Year’s Day 2016 Friday
New Year’s Day 2017 Sunday
New Year’s Day 2018 Monday

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