Milk Cup

The Milk Cup is an annual international football tournament held in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. It started in 1983 and was founded by Jim Weir, Victor Leonard and Bertie Peacock. The tournament has become more and more popular over the years and many international teams travel all over the world to attend the event. Teams which win go through to the next round of the tournament, which lasts around a week. There are three different age categories: Junior (under 14’s), Premier (under 16’s) and Elite (under 19’s). The tournament is opened with the Milk Cup parade which is held in the FC show grounds in Coleraine, Northern Ireland and many international players, such as David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney as well as many others, have all taken part in the contest before they were famous.

Milk Cup Calendar

Milk Cup 2014: 27 July – 1 August
Milk Cup July/August 2015: (date to be confirmed)
Milk Cup July/August 2016: (date to be confirmed)
Milk Cup July/August 2017: (date to be confirmed)
Milk Cup July/August 2018: (date to be confirmed)

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