May Day Bank Holiday

This day is a bank holiday which means no school and a day off work. As it falls on a Monday, many Britons decide to go away somewhere to relax over the long weekend. This is a day when people think about the summer, warmer weather and the holidays. It originates from the Roman Festival of Flora, the goddess of flowers and fruits who marked the beginning of the summer. On May Day people used cut down trees, stick them in the ground and dance round them, this is called Maypole dancing. In the past people used to decorate their house with flowers.

Today, people continue to decorate their houses with flowers. Towns and villages also take this opportunity to decorate the area with flowers and processions. In some areas, children from local primary schools parade through the town carrying flowers and dressed in white. The girls normally wear ribbons in their hair.

Another tradition is Morris dancing usually involving men who often dress in white with coloured belts across their chests.

There are some events held on the eve of May Day throughout the province, such as Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. There is a tradition in St. Andrew’s in Scotland that students gather on the beach on the 30th April and run into the North Sea at sunrise on the 1st May. The annual ‘Obby-Oss’ is held in Padstow in Cornwall on May Day. Revellers dance with the Oss and play accordions.

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May Day Bank Holiday Calendar

Plan your long bank holiday weekend in advance…………..

May Day Bank Holiday 2014 : 5 May
May Day Bank Holiday 2015 : 4 May
May Day Bank Holiday 2016 : 2 May
May Day Bank Holiday 2017 : 1 May
May Day Bank Holiday 2018 : 2 May

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