London is a transport hub with five international airports and a large port. The main airport in London is Heathrow International Airport, carrying more international passengers than any other airport worldwide. The second airport in the city is London Gatwick Airport, which also operates low cost flights. However, most of low fare services land in London Stansted Airport and London Luton Airport. London City Airport is the most central airport and is used mainly for business trips. Ferry services also run from London harbour. Read reviews of London airports.

Connections between Heathrow Airport and Central London are regular and there is a good choice of public transport available such as rail, bus, tube and taxi. The Heathrow Express train links the airport and London Paddington in just 15 minutes, but it is quite expensive. The tube and the bus are both cheaper ways to travel to and from Heathrow.

It is best to take the train if you fly into Gatwick, but it is also possible to take the bus. Train is also the best option if you fly into Stansted. There is a direct bus from Luton which covers the route to Central London. Taxis are available at all airports.

Public Transport

London has an extensive public transport network which is renowned as the biggest in the world. This network is mainly the underground and bus services

London Underground, popularly known as The Tube, operates 16 interconnected lines and there are plans to expand the underground network. It offers connections to the most central areas in the city and the suburbs north of the Thames. The southern suburbs are connected by the suburban rail called Docklands Light Railway, which is a second underground system which uses smaller trains. The tube network offers 275 different stops.

If the underground is the most common means of transport in London, the most famous is the red bus service. This service is aimed at tourists and operates routes taking visitors to the main tourist attractions in London. The modern bus network connects the city 24 hours per day and carries even more passengers than the underground.

Another means of transport is the taxi and the traditional black cabs are available at higher rates. A further possibility to move around is renting a car. It is a good idea to hire a car if you want to travel outside London. However, it is a much better option to use public transport within the city centre.

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