Summer Bank Holiday

The Summer Bank Holiday is a good opportunity for the Scottish and Irish to enjoy a day off and perhaps go to Edinburgh to enjoy a day at the Edinburgh Festival. However, it depends on the day when the festival starts. It is an annual event which has been held in the capital of Scotland since 1947 and it is renowned for the rich programme of events organised during the month of August. Classical music, theatre, opera and dance are just some of the shows on offer at this event. Educational and outreach events are held to encourage children to get discover their interests in music and dance and to develop relationships within the community. This programme is highly recommended by both teachers and pupils who have been encouraged by the seminars held. The atmosphere is truly remarkable at the festival and is a great chance to learn about different cultures, arts and music.

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Summer Bank Holiday Calendar

Summer Bank Holiday 4th August 2014
Summer Bank Holiday 3rd August 2015
Summer Bank Holiday 1st August 2016
Summer Bank Holiday 7th August 2017
Summer Bank Holiday 6th August 2018

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