Battery Quarry
North Queensferry

Discover the underworld at Deep Sea World in Edinburgh. The complex is divided into six themed areas and has one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world where you will come face to face with sharks and many other strange deep-sea creatures. Deep Sea World has two outdoor swimming pools for seals, one of which is used for seals living on the complex and the other is for seals which have been rescued and are being treated.

At Deep Sea World you can delve into the Amazon rainforest and spend a unique experience meeting the little animals which live there such as monkeys, frogs and insects. Or visit Lake Malawi, the ninth largest lake in the world. There are also areas for species which live on the British coast, amphibians and krakatoas.

Deep Sea World also prepares various events during the year. The complex offers you the change to swim with sharks if you are a qualified diver and you can even organise to hold a birthday party at Deep Sea World.

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