Good Friday

One of the most important dates on the Christian calendar is Good Friday which is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a religious festival which honours the death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and so it is a day of bereavement in the Christian church.

Catholics and Protestants tend to remember the festival in different ways; however, there are no typical celebrations for this day. Roman Catholics usually fast on Good Friday, having only one large meal a day and two smaller dishes; the portions are smaller than those eaten on a normal day. The Republic of Ireland is a predominantly Catholic country and it is forbidden to sell alcohol on Good Friday, even though it is a bank holiday and not a public holiday. Most shops, pubs and restaurants are also closed on this day and so in many respects, this day has become much like Christmas Day. Many shops in the rest of the UK are also closed.

It is traditional to eat hot cross buns on Good Friday. These are spiced buns made with leavened yeast and currants. The cross on the top of the bun symbolises the crucifixion.

Good Friday Calendar

Good Friday falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Here is a calendar showing which date it is on until 2018.

Good Friday 2014 : 18 April
Good Friday 2015 : 3 April 
Good Friday 2016 : 25 March 
Good Friday 2017 : 14 April
Good Friday 2018 : 30 March 

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is celebrated the day after Easter Sunday. Unlike Easter Sunday, Easter Monday is not a religious celebration. Some of the traditional events and activities held on Easter Monday are egg rolling competitions and it is traditional for Catholics to douse each other with holy water on Easter Monday. Children usually finish eating the Easter eggs which have been left by the Easter bunny on Easter Sunday Eve.

Easter Monday Calendar

Easter Monday is celebrated on the day after Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday 2014 : 21 April
Easter Monday 2015 : 6 April 
Easter Monday 2016 : 28 March 
Easter Monday 2017 : 17 April
Easter Monday 2018 : 2 April 

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