Boxing Day/Saint Stephen’s Day, 26th December 2014


Boxing Day or Saint Stephen’s Day is celebrated on the 26th December, the day after Christmas Day. There are different theories behind the origins of Boxing Day. It is believed that this is the day when families would box up leftovers from the Christmas meal and give them to their servants who had worked for them on Christmas Day. In doing this, the servants could have Boxing Day off to spend with their families. Another theory is that people would give a present in a Christmas box to people that had helped them or worked for them all year.

In the United Kingdom, Boxing Day signals the start of the winter sales which means mayhem in the shops. Many businesses use this day to sell off their entire Christmas stock which remains on the shelves at reduced prices. A day at the shops on Boxing Day can be quite stressful, but if you are a bargain hunter then it should be a great day out.

In Northern Ireland, all Premier League clubs in football play their rivals on Boxing Day, unless it the 26th December is a Sunday and in that case, the matches are held on the 27th.

Boxing Day / Saint Stephen’s Day Calendar

Boxing Day 2014 Friday
Boxing Day 2015 Saturday
Boxing Day 2016 Monday
Boxing Day 2017 Tuesday
Boxing Day 2018 Wednesday

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