United Kingdom

Located in the north-west of Europe is the United Kingdom; a country comprising of four constituent countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This union has managed to maintain its traditions, cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. Go and visit the UK and be amazed at the regional variety which extends across the country, from the coasts to the hills, lakes, villages, cities and even the people – there is a holiday to suit anyone and everyone in the UK.

London, EdinburghBrighton and Oxford are among the top tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, offering a number of attractions such as theatres, shopping, museums and historical buildings. But it is not just the big cities which are appealing, but also the green countryside which sets the United Kingdom apart from most other European countries, and makes it the perfect place to go hiking or camping.

The English Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, the Northern Irish Mountains of Mourne and the Welsh Coast are all perfect places to get in touch with nature and experience the true beauty of the British weather while you stay in a typical Bed & Breakfast and sample scones and tea.

Why not discover the legend of the most famous giant in Northern Ireland at the Giant’s Causeway or take a trip back in time and following in the footsteps of King Arthur to find out how his legend relates to Stonehenge. Visit Robin Hood’s forest in Nottingham or go in search of the Loch Ness Monster in Inverness. Whether it be a summer holiday, a weekend break or an adventure trail, the United Kingdom is the ideal destination for the whole family. The only difficulty is deciding where to go!