Take the opportunity to seriously unwind when you visit one of the famed Turkish baths. Many hotels come complete with a full bath complex, although there are more characterful options downtown for those of you who want to indulge yourself in a day of true pampering in a wonderful setting.

Turkish baths or Hamami, traditionally involve a succession of perspiring and washing rituals performed in different rooms of differing temperatures and humidity. Broken down simply: the rooms usually go from hot and dry to hotter and wet with heated marble seating. Then you have the opportunity to wash yourself off before entering a cool room to return to normal temperatures and a cleaner, fresher you.

You will find variations on saunas and pools with Russian influences in some hotels and often a pool. Frequently massages are offered and many of the more modern facilities will provide yoga sessions, aromatherapy, oil massage, and complimentary spa treatments.

Our pick of the Turkish baths is Sefa Hamami. At 600 years old, you are guaranteed an authentic visit in the hands of experienced staff. The steam rooms still run on wood-fired boilers.

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