Antalya Airport

Antalya has one large international airport which is well laid out and easy to navigate. It is about 6 miles east of the city and has one domestic and two international terminals.

It will be joined next year by another airport Gazipaşa Airport, which is in the process of being built between the Antalya region and Anamur. This will help ease some of the summer congestion which can occur.

Antalya is connected to all major cities in Europe and to many longer haul destinations.

It is an easy to find and quick trip by hotel limousine or taxi to wherever you need to get to. Budget on about €15 for your trip to a centrally located hotel. Try and agree on a set price beforehand, and find someone who knows the sites if you are planning on going out of town in a taxi as wrongs turns will be credited to you. Buses from the airport can be irregular by day and non-existent by night.

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Antalya By Sea

Many travellers come to Marmaris by ferry from Rhodes in Greece then bus the final stretch to Antalya.

Public Transport in Antalya

Buses, trams and the dolmus (pronounced dol-mush) are the most common way of navigating Antalya. There is no train local to Antalya due to the mountainous interior. Long distance journeys are made by bus with most of Turkey connected to anywhere you should want to go. Buses are taken seriously as a mode of transport here and for those of you needing comfort, many of the buses come fitted with kitchens and near business-class flight levels of comfort.

Varan are widely regarded as one of the best companies serving the broader Turkey and East Europe area.


The dolmus system of small minibuses follows scheduled set routes around the city and can drop you off anywhere along the way. It can be difficult for travellers with big bags as there is little space and the capacity limit is often exceeded.


The tram system, donated by the sister city of Nuremburg, runs a single track with 2 trams which pass in the middle. The tram runs from Lara beach in the west, past the old town to near the Antalya museum at Konyaalti Beach. Trams leave both ends on and half past the hour.

Biking in Antalya

It is possible to rent a bike to enjoy the bicycle only routes along the coast and the sights of the mountains. Visitors are advised against riding in town though for reasons of unpredictable driving, crowds and poor air quality.

Car rentals

Not advisable in town due to creative driving, lots of people and poor roads, but a good way to gain some flexibility in your excursions to ancient sites or outdoor sporting activities further afield.

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