Immerse yourself in a dazzling array of attractive souvenirs,
ornamental trinkets for home and smells and sights to delight the
senses at this historical market place.

Whatever you are looking for, this is the place to come and find the
best buys in town. Be prepared to shop around and haggle for the best
deals. Here you will find a wide selection of copper and brass
ornaments, trinkets and kitchenware, silks, spices, fruit, electronics,
shoes, toys and beads. Chief among beads in this area is the blue Nazar
or ‘evil eye bead’. These beads can be found on everything from
necklaces to anklets, and are worn or hung in cars and houses, for
protection against evil.


These streets are often distracting and busy with people
so visitors are recommended to take care with their belongings and any
dealings they have with touts.

Antalya Travel Guide  

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