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The Antalya region is rich in waterfalls, rivers and lakes fed by the constant flow from the mountains to the North. Considered by many as the most satisfying is Duden Waterfall. The waterfall drops directly into the Mediterranean after a complicated journey through rivers, sinkholes, springs and canals.

One of the best ways to experience the majesty of this site is by boat. Take a leisurely cruise from Antalya port and then view the waterfall from the front. Alternatively, take the 2 mile trip east by car or public transport and you can stand with a view peering back towards Antalya from the stone terraces. It is also possible to walk beneath the falls to catch the sight of the water itself, trailing plants and a permanent rainbow.

Other waterfalls worth checking out in the nearby area are Kursunlu and Manavgat. Kursunlu for somewhere a bit more off the beaten track and Manavgat is lower and wider than the other two, 10 miles and 2 miles away from the town respectively.

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