2 miles North East from Belkis
26 miles East from Antalya

The theatre at Aspendos will take your breath away. Formed in a semi-circle with amazing acoustics to project centuries of performances, it has survived succeeding generations of conquerors and animated audiences of 7,000.

Aspendos is an hour journey by road from Antalya. However, there is enough to explore for everybody to justify taking a day to enjoy the surroundings and fresh air away from the sweat of the city.

The city is thought to have been founded around 1030 BC by the Greeks. It became a great trading city with its river links and placement as a hub for those with horse and cart. Aspendos was well ahead of its time culturally and trade-wise. It was one of the first cities to issue common coinage with its wealth based on salt, oils, wool, beans, lemonwood furniture, jewellery and ornaments made from precious metals. The height of this city’s prosperity peaked in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD gradually decaying as the Byzantine empire failed to take the city under its wing.

Performances in the old theatre itself have been postponed whilst restoration work takes place after some recent damage. Shows have been transferred to a newly built, nearby theatre to continue shows at the site.

Also well worth the trip are Roman aqueducts, basilicas and archways remaining from the city squares.

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