Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia is Turkey, a country which we all love to hate. However, it is Turkey’s location which makes it so special. This country is unique in that it manages to form its own identity by blending both Eastern and Western traditions.

Both a country of history and memories which date as far back as the dawn of civilisation, Turkey has lots to keep historians occupied. Not only does this country have more museums than you could imagine, but it is also stacked with archaeological wonders, ancient buildings and monuments, and the ruins of bombarded castles.

A popular holiday destination is Izmir which is located on the Aegean Coast. It offers tourists a beach holiday paradise with a mountain backdrop and lots of traditional bars and restaurants. Alternatively, why not sample life in Antalya located on the Gulf of Antalya. This city has it all….sun, sea, sand, restaurants, museums, history and culture. More importantly, it is home to the Ancient City of Aspendus, a magnificent Roman amphitheatre said to be the biggest in the world.

If you want to experience nightlife at its best, visit Istanbul, the cosmopolitan contender for the World’s Hippest City title, and home to the famous St. Sophia Museum, a Byzantine masterpiece. If you visit Istanbul, don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most famous mosques in the world, Blue Mosque.

Turkey offers you a cocktail beach holiday with a dash of history, culture and splendour. This is a country worth visiting if you fancy something different.