Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main hub in Bangkok which was opened in 2006 and has one of the largest terminals and highest control towers in the world. There are buses and taxis at the airport which connect it with the city centre in around 50 minutes.

Buses connecting Bangkok and the airport leave from Transport Center. The Airport Express bus service provides an air conditioned bus service between the airport and the main hotels in Bangkok and is one of the most popular transport methods.

Don Muang was the former international airport of Bangkok and is around 12 miles from the city and is now used for domestic air traffic. There is a taxi service which connects the airport with the city centre and there are also buses which run from the airport and cover the main hotel stops, Bangkok Royal Palace and the train stations in the centre of Bangkok.

Public Transport

Transport within the city used to be by boat along the canals within the city, and today there are still some water taxis which travel the canals. Most of the taxis are operated by Chao Phraya Express Boat and they enable you to travel along the Chao Phraya River.

The train service, Skytrain was added to the public transport system in Bangkok in 1999 and has two lines which connect the city. The buses are operated by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and there are different fares depending on the type of bus you choose, either with or without air conditioning. There is also a night bus service.

The metro is the newest method of transport in Bangkok and it was opened in July 2004. The metro covers areas in the city which Skytrain cannot reach and three of the 18 stations have direct connections with this train station.

The quickest and easiest way to travel in Bangkok is by taxi or by tuk tuk, both of which are popular among tourists. If you decide to take a taxi make sure that the meter is working or alternatively that you agree a price with the driver before travelling. Tuk tuks are open vehicles with three wheels and can carry three people; they are perfect for short journeys. Motorcycle taxis are also popular which enable you to move quickly in the chaotic city traffic and avoid the traffic jams.

Hiring a car is a great idea if you plan to travel outside Bangkok to other cities; however, it is not advisable to drive in the city as the traffic is chaotic and you will need to know the streets well.

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