Vacaciones eDreams, S.L. (the company whose identification data appears at
the bottom of these General Conditions, hereinafter referred to as “eDreams”)
makes this website Dreamguides available to its users, subject to the
unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions of this contract by each
user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”). For the purposes of using the Dreamguides
website, the User hereby acknowledges to have read these General Conditions and
to accept them. If the User does not accept the General Conditions, he or she
shall not be able to use the Dreamguides website. The User hereby states that
he or she is over age 18 and possesses the necessary faculties for understanding
and applying the conditions of this agreement and to use this website in
compliance with the aforesaid General Conditions. The User agrees to keep
confidential any codes for Dreamguides access assigned to him or her. The User
shall ensure that unauthorised third parties do not have access. The User
agrees to bear the economic consequences for use of the Dreamsguide website as
well as for the use of its access codes by third parties.

Moreover, in order to access this website and use it, the User agrees to
provide true, complete and updated information.


The eDreams website can be used by the User to access information related to
the products and services of other companies with businesses in the tourism and
travel industry. The User may also make reservations or purchase these products
from the suppliers or package trip organisers who sell them.

It is important to note that the sale of package trips and tourism products
and services to the User through the website shall be ensured by eDreams, a
travel agency possessing the licenses and authorisations necessary to conduct
this business.

The reservation or purchase by the User of products and services, from
suppliers or package trip organisers of the User’s choice, is subject to the
specific terms and conditions respectively established by such suppliers and
organisers. In additions, tickets issued for the Users shall be accompanied by
the standard recommendations. These shall mention in particular the information
related to limits concerning liability for international passengers as well as
liability concerning luggage. The User agrees to accept and comply with the
purchase terms and conditions established by the supplier or organiser from
whom the User has chosen the services, The User agrees, with no restrictions
whatsoever, to pay for the expenses incurred and to comply with the regulations
and restrictions related to the availability of proposed fares, products or
services. If special regulations or restrictions affect the proposed fares,
products or services chosen by the User, such special regulations or
restrictions shall be explicitly communicated to the User on the website before
continuing with the reservation.

The processing and updating of information related to the offers, products,
services, prices, itineraries, distances and characteristics as well as the
other data and information related to the products and services offered on the
website shall be the sole responsibility of the Supplier of the products and
services or the package trip organisers on which they are based. eDreams shall
not be held liable under any circumstances for the maintenance, revision,
supervision or updating of such data or as having the possibility to check the
authenticity, updating or exactness.

For the purposes of fulfilling their respective obligations, the suppliers
of products or services and package trip organisers are liable for fulfilling
their statutory legal obligations and to comply with the sales terms and
conditions of the products and services or planned trips which the User
purchases. eDreams shall not be held liable for the purchase of products or
services which it does not provide directly.


Dreamguides respects the right to privacy. We understand the importance of
respecting the right to privacy and the security of identification data of the
members of the Dreamguides community. Bearing this in mind, and in keeping with
our confidentiality policy, were hereby inform you that:

  • We shall collect information concerning your tastes and preferences
    which you communicate to us directly, as well as those from an analysis of
    data traffic or the use of cookies (see below). We shall also collect
    information on your year of birth, sex, nationality, language, marital
    state, children, hobbies, interests and annual income.
  • When you purchase a product or service through our website, you
    will have to give your name, e-mail address, bank card number, its
    expiration date and your telephone number. We reserve the right to
    communicate your telephone number to our electronic mail service. This
    data will make it possible for us to handle your request and inform you on
    its status.
  • If you take part in a contest or promotional operation, we will ask
    you to provide your name, your postal address and e-mail address. This
    data is necessary for organising the contest and informing the winners.
  • We shall not divulge your personal data to third parties outside
    our company for any reason. However, said data may be transmitted to
    commercial partners of Dreamguides anywhere in the world for a reservation
    or to purchase products or services on our website. We may also transmit
    statistical data on our sales, customers and website data traffic as well
    as other information related to our website to third parties. These
    statistics shall in no way contain elements that make it possible to
    personally identify you.
  • We shall limit ourselves to collecting and using personal data
    which we deem necessary for performing the high quality customised services
    which may include information related to our products, content and
    services as well as other companies of the eDreams Group (eDreams Inc.,
    eDreams Ltd, eDreams srl, eDreams sarl, eDreams International Network
    s.l., Vacaciones eDreams, S.L. and all other companies in which eDreams
    Inc. has direct or indirect holdings) if we feel that you can benefit from
  • Since you are registered with the Dreamguides website, you may
    receive sales information selected specifically for you. We shall use the
    information you communicate to us to send offers, promotions and tips
    concerning the products and services which match your interests.
  • Since you are registered with the Dreamguides website, by expressly
    agreeing to receive our newsletter and our selection of trip offers, the
    User also agrees to receive advertising offers, whether included in the
    newsletters or not, as well as messages only containing specific
    information for the User.
  • We shall send all the necessary information to the supplier you
    made a reservation with through our website and ask that you do the same.

The consultation operations of your user account data as well as your
requests for services or products made through our website use a secure server.
The aforesaid server encodes the information that you enter before it is
transmitted to us. In addition, we apply strict security procedures related to
the hosting and divulgation of data in order to prevent all unauthorised access
to such data and in compliance with article 9 of the Organic Law no. 15/1999 of
13 December concerning the Protection of Personal Data in effect in Spain. For this
purpose, you may be asked to identify yourself by using your password before
accessing certain information concerning you.

Cookies: a cookie is a fragment of information saved by the browser on the
hard disk of your computer. Each time you visit the Dreamguides website, our
server recognises the cookie and finds the information related to your last
visit. Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies. It is common to
change the browser configuration so that it no longer accepts them. Even if you
decide not to receive cookies, you can still use most of our website services
as well as purchase the products or services we offer. If you wish to send us a
comment or complaint at any time related to the use of your personal data,
please send your request to our management at the following e-mail address:


To access the services offered by Dreamguides on our website, you need to
communicate your personal data during the online registration (hereinafter
referred to as, “Registration Form”), you can register by clicking on the “My
account” button located at the top of each website page.

In order to customise our services, adapt them to your interests and needs
and let us communicate the best offers on the market to you, we ask that you
periodically update your data and inform us of any changes. Under the terms of
the Organic Law no. 15/1999, of 13 December concerning the Protection of
Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as “LPD”), Dreamguides is required to
inform you that by filling in the Registration Form, your personal data will be
added and processed in the Dreamguides files. This data will allow us to
provide offers for services (reservation management and payment for purchased
products and services) and send you information, competition information and
special offers from the Dreamguides of eDreams, other eDreams Group companies,
Tour Operators and package trip organisers. It will also be used for
statistical purposes and market trend analyses.

Moreover, you have the right to access, change, cancel and oppose personal
data which concerns you contained in the data files managed by the Vacaciones
eDreams S.L. company, whose address is located at the bottom of these general
conditions. You may also exercise the aforesaid rights by sending an e-mail to in accordance with the terms and conditions
established in the LPD.

Based on the application of article 11 of the LPD and given the nature of
the products and services proposed by Dreamguides on its website, both at a
national and international level, the User accepts that his or her data will be
transmitted to eDreams group companies, for the purposes of information based
on the commercial activity of the eDreams Group.

If a User would like to purchase the products or services offered on the
eDreams website, eDreams agrees to communicate this personal data to the concerned
suppliers of products and services and/or to Tour Operators who organise
package trips; such suppliers agree to use the personal data for the sole
purposes of fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Lastly, in compliance with the article 34.e) LPD, the User hereby accepts
that his or her data shall be transmitted to the recipients as stated in the
previous point, in order to apply the aforesaid terms and conditions, without
geographic limitations, including in countries which are unable to offer a level
of protection comparable to that offered by LPD.

Dreamguides agrees to process your data confidentially, including on the
host and processing server and to set up all the security means necessary to
prevent unauthorised third party access to such data.


All of the contents of the Dreamguides website (including, but not limited
to, texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio archives and software) are the
property of eDreams or its content suppliers. They are protected by national
and international laws concerning industrial and intellectual property. The
management (namely compilation and organisation) of all of the contents of Dreamguides
website is the exclusive property of eDreams; such contents are protected by
national and international laws concerning industrial and intellectual
property. All of the software used on the Dreamguides website or its suppliers’
websites are protected by national and international laws concerning industrial
and intellectual property.

All illegal use of the website contents is strictly prohibited, including
the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, publication or
representation, whether partial or total, of its contents.

All use of the images contained on the Dreamguides website, outside of the
website and without the explicit authorisation from Dreamguides or its
suppliers, is completely prohibited.

eDreams, Dreamguides, DreamFinder and the other names of products, services,
graphics and logos of eDreams are registered trademarks of eDreams Inc. for the
European Union, the United
States and in other countries. The names of
other products, services and companies mentioned in this document may be
registered trademarks of their respective owners.


This website is unique and intended for the personal use of its Users. Its
modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distributions, sale, re-sale
as well as other forms of use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes
are completely prohibited. You agree not to use this website for illegal or
prohibited purposes.

In particular, the website User agrees to use the website for personal
purposes and to purchase the products or services on the website for his or her
sole use or his or her sole consumption or that of persons who have entrusted
he or she to do so. The User may under no circumstances sell the products or
services purchased on the website to other people.

DReamguides authorises the visitors to its website to send notes and
comments on the products that it contains. If you send notes or comments about
the website, Dreamguides and the other companies of the eDreams Group reserve
the non-exclusive right, exempt from copyright which is perpetual, irrevocable
and fully transferable to third parties, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt,
publish, translate, create spin-off products, distribute and disseminate such
notes and comments in the entire world, and on any type of communication
support. Dreamguides, the other eDreams Group companies and its licensees also
reserve the right to use the name accompanying the aforesaid notes or comments.


Dreamguides offers this website in working orderDreamguides shall make every
effort to update, service and run the website, but under no circumstances can
it guarantee the absence of technical problems, infallibility of service
through the website page, or that the system or portal will be operational at
all times.

Whilst Dreamguides makes an effort through its websites to provide a range
of information about destinations and services that is kept up to date there is
no guarantee of 100% accuracy of the information to the User and includes any
information published on the Dreamguides website or any site that it is linked

Although Dreamguides will make very effort to ensure that the information
available on the website is accurate, its accuracy cannot always be
guaranteed. At the same time Dreamguides
will make very effort to correct any mistakes or omissions as quickly as
possible, however eDreams will not accept any responsibility or liability for
any of these possible mistakes or omissions.

The User needs to be aware that all of the information available on the
Dreamguides website, including all content published by the administrators of
Dreamguides, may include technical errors or typographic errors.

Dreamguides shall not be held liable for the exactness, completeness,
updating and accuracy of the data or information concerning the offers,
products, services, prices, itineraries, distances, characteristics and
important data or information related to the products and services offered on
the website by the suppliers of products or services or package trip

eDreams and Dreamguides limitation of liability is based on the application
of statutory laws specifically disciplining travel agencies. eDreams shall not
be held liable for incurred direct or indirect damages, or damages which occur
following the sale of an offered product or service, and which occur due to
causes not attributable to eDreams or to negligence of the supplier of the
service or product.

If a case of force majeure (including but not limited to political and
economic disorder or instability affecting security), leads to a problem
involving reservations, confirmations and/or the completion of a trip or
performance of a service purchased from eDreams, due to unexpected
circumstances which eDreams cannot resolve, or make it impossible to supply a
part of packaged services, the customer shall waive all types of claims against
eDreams and/or eDreams Group companies, which shall not be held liable for any
reason, unless a lack of professional diligence can be attributed to eDreams.


The Dreamguides website may contain links to other websites not managed by
Dreamguides or eDreams. Such links are given for the purposes of reference, Dreamguides
exercises no control over these websites and shall not be held liable for their

The presence of links to other websites does not imply that Dreamguides promotes,
endorses, guarantees or recommends these websites. The links present on the Dreamguides
website are provided for the purpose of reference without any intention of
promoting their contents, owners, and respective services or products.

Some parts of the Dreamguides website can contain advertising or sponsored
content. The advertisers and sponsors
are the ones solely responsible for ensuring that all the content provided for
inclusion on the Dreamguides website meets the requirements and obligations of
any applicable law. eDreams cannot be
held responsible and accepts no liability for any error, mistake or omission
contained in any content provided by advertisers or sponsors. In the case of
any complaint related to the content on this site provided by advertisers or
sponsors please contact

Any reservation or purchase of any product made by the user as a result of
any advertising or sponsored content that appears on the Dreamguides site is
subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the third party advertiser or
sponsor that provided the content.


The User accepts that by using the communication forums made available by
Dreamguides to send and receive messages and material related to the specific
chat in question. In the process of
participating in any ongoing communication the User agrees to adhere to the
following conditions:

To not defame or accuse other Users nor to
violate any of their legal rights

Publish, send by email or distribute by any
other method any material or information that could be considered defamatory,
indecent or illegal

Send files that contain viruses or any other
similar programme that could affect the working of any computer or software or
of the data of the Website or any of the users of the Website

Announce or offer to sell any type of good or
service, nor carry out any surveys or competitions, nor the sending of any
“chain” messages asking other users to pass them on.

You recognize that Dreamguides does not guarantee, does not revise nor edit,
does not filter and does not approve the content of chats, emails and other
messages sent by the Users of the site.
Dreamguides reserves the right to refuse access to any User to this site
or any of its parts without any prior notice.

Dreamguides allows visitors to its site to send reviews and comments related
to the content and products included on the same site. If you send reviews or comments related to
the Site you are giving Dreamguides and the other eDreams companies the non
exclusive right, the authors rights perpetually, irrevocably and totally
transferable to third parties to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish,
translate, create derivative products, distribute and exhibit the same reviews
and comments anywhere in the world and in any medium of communication. You also give the right to Dreamguides and
any other eDreams company and sublicencees the right to use the name that
accompanies the review or comment and in the case of doing so it must be
related to the same review or comment.



These General Conditions as well as the relationships between the User and Dreamguides
are under the juridistiction of statutory Spanish laws. For any disputes
arising over the existence or contents of these General Conditions or
relationships between the User and Dreamguides, both parties shall comply with
such laws.

Dreamguides reserves the right to modify its website and these General
Conditions for use at any time.

In accordance with the Spanish law regarding the Information Society and
E-commerce Services (34/2002) of 11 July, the contract signed by the customer
shall be archived in the records by the travel agency, Vacaciones eDreams S.L. and
shall be accessible to the consumer upon prior request.

Our address

eDreams, S.L.
N.I.F.: B61965778
Edificio World Trade Center, edificio Norte,
Planta 6a, oficina 607.
Moll de Barcelona s/n
08039 Barcelona
E-mail address:

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