Photo Café de Jaren

Café de Jaren

Café de Jaren is located in the centre of Amsterdam

Nieuwe Doelenstraat, 20
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Pizza Napoli

Pizza Napoli is located on Konyaalti Caddesi.

Konyaalti Caddesi, Antalya, Turkey

Photo Seven Bridges Jazz Festival

Seven Bridges Festival

Reguliersgracht Bridge

The Seven Bridges Jazz Festival was celebrated annually in September in Amsterdam and was held on one of the most famous bridges in Amsterdam, the Reguliersgracht Bridge, as it is the only point where you can see the famous seven bridges.

It was the only free jazz festival in the city and both old and new musicians participated in the event. Many bars hosted parties after the open-air concert.

Photo Café Hoppe

Café Hoppe

Café Hoppe is located in Jordaan beside Singel canal

Spui 18-20