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Put these dates in your diary!

Would you travel half way round the world to see your favourite artist perform or to take part in a festival? In Dreamguides, we don't want you to miss a thing and so we have compiled an events guide which includes lists of the most important events, festivals and bank holidays all over the world. With Dreamguides' events list, you can celebrate wherever you are.

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We have created a section in Dreamguides which gives you the best information about nightlife in your chosen destination. Here you will find our guide to the top bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas and much more so that you won't miss the best nightlife during your trip.

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Dreamguides has compiled a list of the most popular eateries in its restaurant guide. This condensed guide is the ideal way to make your holiday trouble-free. Don't waste time looking for a restaurant during your trip, let Dreamguides do the hard work so that all you have to do is decide what to choose from the menu when you get there.