The archipelago is a mass of 24,000 islands which are scattered off the coast of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea. This is the largest archipelago in the world and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

During the summer months, this maze of islands is an ideal destination for locals and tourists and some even compare them to the Caribbean. When it starts to get warm the more adventurous look for the nearest beach to take a dip in the Baltic Sea.

The islands are all different; some are isolated and others have inhabitants and offer services such as youth hostels and campsites. The houses on the islands are made of red and yellow wood and have small private boats which are used to travel from one island to another.

Stockholm archipelago is the largest in the world. The most renowned islets are Sandöm which has a graveyard in memory of the lighthouse keepers; Gröskär where you can see an 18th century lighthouse; and finally Utö which has the oldest iron mines in Stockholm.

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