San Cristóbal de la Laguna or more simply known as La Laguna was the former capital of Tenerife as it is inland and was thus protected from pirates. However, Santa Cruz became the capital in 1723 as it had emerged as the key commercial and trading area of the island with its port.

La Laguna was founded in 1496 by Alonso Fernández de Lugo and today it is the cultural and religious centre of Tenerife as it is home to more museums than any town on the island, and it is packed with cathedrals, churches, convents and chapels.

If you are looking for an alternative to a beach holiday, La Laguna is the place for you. Any tourist in the area should start by visiting its famous Casco Antigo (Old Town) which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to museums, typical Canarian houses as well as chapels and cathedrals.

La Laguna is also home to the University of San Fernando and the most famous student area is known as the Cuadrilátero which is one of the most popular areas for nightlife in Tenerife.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in La Laguna are la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción which is a church and the Parque de los Dragos which is a park with dragon shaped trees.

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