Teide, or Pico de Teide in Spanish is the highest mountain in Spain and the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean, standing at 3718m above sea level. It is a volcano surrounded by Teide National Park which was a declared World Heritage Site on 29 June 2007.

The volcano is currently dormant and has been since its last explosion in 1977. However, according to the United Nations Committee for Disaster Mitigation, Pico de Teide is potentially one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world together with warning labels for a number of towns nearby.

You can reach Mount Teide by funicular which runs from the foot of the volcano and in just eight minutes you will be at the top from which you will see spectacular views of Tenerife.

Mount Teide is surrounded by Teide National Park which was opened in 1954 and is a wonderful place to go hiking and get in touch with nature while taking in the vast and marvellous landscape of this volcanic island.

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