The Guimar Pyramids are found in a town in Güímar which is located on the east coast of Tenerife. There are many theories attempting to shed light on the formation of these mysterious pyramids; however, the facts still remain a mystery.

Archaeologists believe that they were built by local farmers who stacked stones which they had found while ploughing. Nonetheless, the Norwegian anthropologist, Dr. Heyerdahl claims that the pyramids are not made of stone, but rather lava rock and that they were built with intention.

Their formation remains a mystery, but they do exist and can be visited at The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar. Here you can see the six pyramids which remain from the original nine. Go and see the pyramids which a likened to those in Peru, Mexico and ancient Mesopotamia; examine their step like structure and draw your own conclusions about their formation with the help of the documents and evidence in the information centre at the park.

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