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  1. Vilcemara

    a quick note my first friday night spot’ was the ciurcs bar at lennons in 1980. the best live cover band i ever heard- brooklyn, with vocalist wayne nettle unbeliveable versions of lido shuffle, what can i say, cocaine, smoke on the water, every night, (as good as phoebe snow, much better than beatles), security (memories of the original, legendary thane russell three, not jo jo zep) and numerous others but never doug parkinson’s dear prudence just the opening few notes!! ouzo and coke 90 cents, 3 piece suits and tattoos many, many characters . it went in 1984, never repeated or challenged. apart from mick hodgkins’ mangrove jack, have not heard a finer live band. even billy thorpe at pipp’s in 81 or 82, playing unannounced at 1 a.m. didn’t come close.


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