Carnival in Tenerife 2014 : 28 February – 9 March

Every year, the Tenerife Carnival (Website in Spanish) is held the week before Ash Wednesday. The most important celebrations take place in Santa Cruz when the city is converted into a rainbow of colours, costumes and lights.

The carnival kicks off with the election of the Carnival Queen, her court and the Junior Carnival Queen and this is followed by a huge parade with music groups and elaborately decorated floats which party through the streets for hours.

The festivities hit their peak on Carnival Tuesday when the El Coso parade sets off around Santa Cruz. The Carnival Queen and her court take the forefront in this parade as they are ornately dressed in glittering sequins and feathers. The parade is accompanied by upbeat Latin American and African rhythms which fill the streets of Santa Cruz with happiness and spirit.

The Entierro de la Sardina takes place on Ash Wednesday and this involves parading a huge Sardine perched on a throne on a float, through Santa Cruz. The float is followed by a satirical drama of mourners on their way to bury the sardine.

The carnival ends with a huge fireworks display on the Sunday following Ash Wednesday and it is called La PiƱata Chica.

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