Carretera de Coín, s/n, Churriana, Malaga

Visit one of the most original gardens in Malaga, El Retiro and marvel at the mixture of landscape styles which are hidden within this green oasis. El Retiro was created in 1523 and at that stage it belonged to the Catholic Church. It was landscaped in the 18th century by the Condes de Buenavista and is located in the south-west of Malaga in a district called Churriana.

The garden has kept its original form, with a mixture of English, Baroque Italian and French styles and is decorated with classic marble statues, fountains and buildings, as well as a very impressive exotic bird sanctuary.

There are three areas within El Retiro. The first area is the Ornithology Section, the second is the Botanic Garden which has around 800 plant species and the third section is renowned for its dolphin-shaped fountain and statues.

If you want to escape the city and relax in the sun, take a trip to El Retiro and marvel at the beauty of this garden.

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