Only nine miles from the centre of Malaga is the Nature Park-los Montes which covers around 12,108 acres and 93 miles of forest path. It has five rivers and lots of Mediterranean forest. Los Montes is definitely worth visiting even if it is just to see its natural diversity and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and its mountain landscape makes the ideal location for a day trip to escape the city or seaside.

Try following one of the 10 marked paths depending on your levels of fitness and motivation. During your hike you will come across some of the animals which live in the forests such as the chameleons, polecats, weasels and boars. If you lift your eyes to the sky you perhaps will see an eagle, a vulture or even an owl.

There are also special areas designed for visitors to take a rest from walking, as well as campsites, youth hostels and a museum.

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