Paseo Reding, 8, Málaga


The Bull Ring "La Malagueta" was built between 1874 and 1876 by Joaquín Rucoba. One hundred years later (1976) La Malagueta was declared a historic preservation. The building is in the shape of a hexadecagon (16 sides) and it is 52m in diameter. The bullring can host 14,000 people.

There is a museum inside the bullring which is called the Museo taurino Antonio Ordoñez, which was built in honour of the famous bullfighter who was born in Ronda in 1932. At this museum you will see a collection of matadors costumes, bull’s heads, posters, photographs and other objects related to bullfighting.

Every August, the bullfighting during the August Fair, the best bullfighters go to La Malagueta to celebrate this festival.

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