Granada is another extremely popular tourist destination which is a must-visit if you are on holiday in Malaga. This city is set inland at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and is a wonderful place to go for a day trip.

The Alhambra in Granada is the main tourist attraction. This palace-fortress soars over the Albaycín district in the city and it is located on top of a hill. A visit to Granada is not complete without seeing this building to admire its wonderful architecture, courtyards, fountains, and much more…

Your next stop should be a trip to the Cathedral of Granada where the Catholic Monarchs are buried. Take a walk down the backstreets of Alcaicería, which is the Jewish Quarter of the city and have a bite to eat in one of the tapas bars which are scattered all over the city. Iberian ham, olives, gazpacho… you won’t know what to choose.

Return to the foot of the Alhambra and follow the path of the River Darro. Pass by the ancient Arab Baths and arrive in the Muslim district Albaycín. This is where you will find an outdoor Arab Market where you can find anything from leather stalls to Moroccan tea shops.

Finish your day trip in Granada by going to the Mirador San Nicolas viewpoint, coming face to face with the Alhambra. The view from this point of the Muslim Palace and city is the best in the city. Watch the Alhambra change colour as the sun sets. The walls of the building turn orange which contrasts spectacularly with its backdrop of the Sierra Nevada covered in snow.

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