In Malaga, Spain, Easter is a time that is laden with tradition and religious references. In particular, there is Holy Week, which for more than 500 years, has been celebrated in Malaga. Easter Week is one of the most important annual events held in the Spanish city, so much so, that it was even declared an event of International Tourist Interest in 1965.One of the show-stopping events of this week, are of course, the processions that take place through the streets and districts of Malaga, and is followed by thousands of people each year.

For travellers looking to take part in this event and book a holiday in Malaga, here is a breakdown of the festivities:

Palm Sunday marks the start of the march when the organisers of the event take to the streets with thrones weighing up to six tonnes and which are usually carried by around 150 men. There are various processions showing Jesus as a prisoner on His walk to Calvary on Holy Monday.

According to a long tradition, Holy Wednesday is the day of forgiveness and so on this day a local prisoner is released from jail. Three prisoners are chosen and the public authorities meet to decide which will be freed. The candidates must be from Malaga and the winner must have shown good behaviour.

Holy Week is a very special event in Malaga and one you will not soon forget. eDreams recommends travellers visiting Malaga during this time  follow the processions at the Alameda Principal.

Holy Week Calendar

Holy Week 2015 : 3 April
Holy Week 2016 : 25 March
Holy Week 2017 : 14 April
Holy Week 2018 : 30 March

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