Camino del Jardín Botánico, 3, Málaga

The Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción is a botanic garden which was created in 1850 by a rich family in Malaga. In 1990, the Mayor of Malaga bought the garden and after four years of landscaping, it was opened to the public.

It is located about 2.5 miles from Malaga city centre and it is one of the few tropical gardens in Europe. It is divided into two areas; the old garden which is the original 19th century garden; and the modern garden, which was created by the Major of Malaga. Altogether there are more than 5,000 plants in the garden, with 500 tropical and subtropical species. There are various different paths within the garden so that the visitors can discover all the treasures concealed under the trees of this tropical paradise.

Take the "las joyas de La Concepción" path and discover the prettiest parts of the garden in just 30 minutes. Or follow the "ruta de los estanque" and you will enable you to see some of the most beautiful aquatic plants in the world.

In the modern garden, we advise you to take the "la vuelta al mundo en 80 árboles." You will see trees, plants and flowers from all over the world which are carefully organised by continent. You should also look out for the palm tree collection which comprise of 50 species from all over the world. This tour takes about two hours.

There are also workshops held, as well as temporary exhibitions, guided tours and children’s workshops.

This garden is open every day from 10 a.m. except on Mondays, 25th December and 1st January.

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