Carrer de Joan de Saridakis 29, Palma de Majorca.


Catalan artist Joan Miró moved to Majorca in 1956 at the age of 63 having spent most of his life in Barcelona. His wife and mother were both Majorcan and so he want to continue painting by drawing inspiration for his childhood memories of holidays in Majorca. His house and studio were based in Cala Major and he lived and worked there until he died in 1983.

His studio is currently used as an art gallery known as the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró (Joan and Pilar Miró Foundation) which displays a permanent collection of his artwork, including around 100 paintings, 25 sculptures and lots of sketches and drawings. Miró’s work is sometimes criticised for its simplicity but once you look behind the lines, swirls, bright colours and childlike designs and try and imagine what the painting is trying to tell you, you will be amazed at his masterpieces.

Watch out for special temporary exhibitions at the museum and the take home a souvenir from the Miró shop which sells various prints, postcards and replicas of his work.

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