La Seu, plaza del Almoina, Palma de Majorca

Visitors arriving into Palma port are stunned by the impressive Gothic cathedral which is the first thing that comes into view on arrival. It was built in place of a former Arab mosque in 1230; however, it was not until 1600 that it was completed.

Legend has it that the cathedral was built by Jaime I to fulfil a promise he had made to the Virgin Mary. One night in 1229, Jaime I was making headway to recapture Majorca when he got caught in a terrible storm and so he swore to build a church in honour of the Virgin Mary if he survived. Having been blown to safety he undertook the project to fulfil his promise.

The Catedral de Mallorca is 121m long, 55m wide and 44m tall making it one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. The inner Modernista style designed by Antoni Gaudí at the start of the 20th century can be compared with the stunning Gothic architecture of the church.

There is a small museum at the entrance of the cathedral which displays religious artwork and this leads to the cathedral which gives a wonderful sense of space, peace and tranquillity with its stained-glass windows, altar and fairy lighting.

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