Carretera Portocristo-Portocristo Novo s/n, Mallorca

The Caves of Drach (Cuevas del Drach) are located in Manacor near the small fishing village of Porto Cristo in Mallorca. They comprise four large caves which measure over 2km in length and 25 metres deep below the surface.

They were discovered in 1896 and are thought to date back to the Miocene epoch. The Caves of Drach are composed of four large natural grottos all connected together. They feature beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, hanging and protruding from the ground.

These unique rock formations were formed over thousands of years by water from the Mediterranean seeping into the cave and are composed of calcium carbonate mixed with minerals. In addition to the stalactites and stalagmites, in the depths of the Caves of Drach hides one the world’s largest underground lakes, Lake Martel.

Tours of the Caves of Drach

Tours of these unique and fascinating caves are on offer to visitors and locals alike.

They are carried out in groups and last approximately an hour. The tour follows a 1.2 kilometre path beautifully lit up so visitors can marvel at the magnitude of the caves and the impressive stalactites and stalagmites. In addition to the unique formations, columns and walls can also be observed.

Finally visitors are treated to a short classical music concert performed by a quartet of musicians who arrive on four lit up boats. Visitors can then enjoy a boat ride on the lake before the tour comes to an end.


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