Calle Bailén, 2, 4-6

The Palacio Real in Madrid is the former royal residence, and was commissioned by King Felipe V during the 17th century. Sacchetti designed the palace between 1738 and 1770, and Sabatini was responsible for furnishing and designing the south-east wing of the building.

The royal palace in Madrid is laid out as a square shape building with a central patio. Some of the most impressive rooms are the library, the royal pharmacy, the king’s chamber–which belonged to Carlos III, and the Throne Room. It is located in the oldest part of Madrid, known as “Madrid de los Austrias” and is surrounded by the Sabatini gardens and Campo del Moro.

Today, the Royal Palace is open to visitors and offers guided tours showing the Royal Armoury, the Porcelain Room and a large collection of furniture and paintings. The painting collection includes pieces by Velázquez, Caravaggio and Goya.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is still used for official ceremonies and public events when the attendance of the present King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, is required.

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