Carretera de la Coruña
Calle Manuel Alonso, s/n
Monte de el Prado

The Palacio de El Pardo was founded during the first half of the 15th century and it was originally designed by King Enrique IV as a small castle. Located around 9 miles from Madrid city centre is where it can be found, located on a hill called Monte de El Pardo which covers 40,000 acres of woodland and has been declared a National Heritage Site.

Some of the main attractions to the palace are the surrounding forests which give the building an air of peace and grace, as well as the inner decor of the former medieval castle. Visitors are stunned by the beautiful interior, with original furniture, tapestries and art collections which each have a story to tell. The Palacio de El Pardo was initially built as a second residence and hunting zone for the king. Since 1983, the palace has been changed to a residence for foreign heads of state on official visits to Spain.

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