Casa de Campo

Madrid Zoo is divided into four different areas, the first and main area being the zoo grounds. The second is the aquarium which was opened in 1995 and shows aquatic life in tropical oceans. It has a total of 35 aquariums, over 440 thousand gallons of water and holds over 200 fish species and aquatic plants. Another area is the dolphin stadium which hosts dolphin shows and has a capacity for 3,000 spectators.

The zoo has been located in Casa de Campo since 1972. It was originally located in the Retiro Park, in Casa de las Fieras and was commissioned by King Carlos III who wanted to put the animals taken from the American colonies on display.

Today, the zoo is renowned as a building with modern architecture and it is divided into different areas. The animals are placed in different zones according to their country of origin. There is a large area for African and Asian animals and a smaller area for American, European and Australian animals. Over 500 different species of animals are housed in the zoo.

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