Calle Mayor, 90
Today, the Almudena Cathedral stands in place of what used to be Arab walls which surrounded Madrid. It was King Alfonso XII who undertook the task of building the cathedral as he wanted to use it as a burial chamber for his wife who had died unexpectedly. However, the construction of this sacred building proved an obstacle in itself, taking over a century to build as the process was continually stalled due to political conflict and outbreak of wars.

The architecture of the cathedral is typical of the late 18th century with an outer neoclassical style which contrasts with the inner neo-Gothic look and there is a famous statue of the Almudena Virgin, the patron saint of Madrid, on the main façade of the cathedral. Light is a very important element within the cathedral and it is beautiful to see it shine through the stained glass windows of the church. Today, this cathedral is more popular than ever, as many tourists flock to see the building which was used as the venue for Prince Felipe’s wedding to Letizia Ortiz in 2004.

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