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The Campo del Moro gardens are located to the west of the Palacio Real (The Spanish Royal Palace) and adjoin the Sabatini gardens and Plaza de Oriente. The Campo del Moro gardens are named after the place where the Moorish troops used to settle during the Spanish Reconquest. They cover 49 acres and are home to around 70 different types of trees, some of them being over 170 years old. The fountains named Tritones and Conchas are the most impressive features in these gardens. Perhaps the most remarkable change took place during the reign of Isabel II, when this Madrid park was redesigned to resemble Versaille in Paris.

The Jardines Sabatini are located on the other side of the Palacio Real, in front of the main fa├žade. These gardens were developed during the 1930’s to honour the famous architect Francisco Sabatini and have a monumental style. The Jardines Sabatini are decorated with a pool, some statues and several fountains.

Parks and Gardens in Madrid

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