L’Elefant is located in Sant Rafael de Sa Creu

Pla├ža de la Iglesia, Sant Rafael de Sa Creu, Eivissa.


L’Elefant is one of the most famous restaurants in Ibiza and has one dining room and two open-air terraces where you can eat during the summer surrounded by leafy gardens. The inner decor of the restaurant is modern and simple which together with the great food and setting, have made this one of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza.

The restaurant offers a very appetising menu based on French cuisine and other international styles of cooking. One of the specialities of the house is marinated tuna with foie and corn sauce followed by a chocolate surprise for dessert. The restaurant also has a terrace where you can have an aperitif or try one of the 35 different cocktails.

L’Elefant is only opens in the evening and at midnight it becomes a luxury bar where the most popular Ibizan music is played. There is also a daily fashion parade in the restaurant which shows the range of clothing produced by the restaurant-this is the perfect place for the cosmopolitan.

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