Barcelona, dubbed the capital of modernism (art nouveau), boasts an unrivalled cultural and historical wealth. Beautiful buildings of great architectural interest, many of which were designed by the famous Catalan artist Gaudi, can be found across the city. Here are a few examples of the city’s most popular monuments:

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

The beautiful Sagrada Familia Basilica, combining gothic and art nouveau architecture, was designed by Gaudi and has yet to be finished. However, it is one of Barcelona’s most iconic and popular attractions.

Palace of Catalan Music

The Palace of Catalan Music features a stunning concert hall in Barcelona. It was designed by Catalan architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner and comprises a prime example of Catalan modernisme.

Park Guell

Park Guell is a public park located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. It was designed entirely by Gaudi and features fascinating sculptures, tiling and buildings.

Casa Batllo

Another of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Batllo is a prime example of modernism architecture.  It features a façade with broken mosaic tiles, irregular oval windows and a roof resembling the form of a dragon or dinosaur.

La Pedrera

Also known as Casa Milà, this fascinating building comprises a modernist building with a very unique shape, limestone façade and elaborate pillars and arches.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The Magic Fountain is a fountain located below the National Art Museum on the bottom of Montjuic Hill. A spectacular light, water and music show takes place at the fountain every weekend.

Christopher Columbus Monument

Located at the bottom end of the famous Rambla in Barcelona, the Christopher Columbus monument comprises a tall Corinthian column topped with a bronze statue of the man himself.

Montjuic Castle

Monjuic Castle, located on Montjuic Hill, comprises an old military fortress. It is surrounded by gardens and currently houses a fascinating military museum. Beautiful views can be enjoyed from the castle.

So, if you are visiting Barcelona then have your camera ready because there is an abundance to see. Enjoy!

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