Restaurant Zhu is located close to the Palace of the Congresses in Alicante

Calle Doctor Sánchez San Julián, 6


In Alicante you will find an Asian restaurant of the highest quality: Zhu. Some of the food here is culinary and visual art. Some pieces resemble animals, buildings and flowers – all of exquisite beauty. The chef of this prestigious restaurant, Jian Xiang offers his finest Asian specialties to a demanding and select public. The menu is refreshed every two weeks to incorporate new offerings and flavours.

All the plates that you will be able to choose from in Zhu come from Asian recipes. Here you will be able to sample Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai. Some of the plates that appear in the menu of Zhu are Vietnamese pancakes, scampi balls with almonds or platters of sashimi and sushi. Also, the restaurant offers a selection of wines, beers, champagne and liquors.

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