Alcoy Town
30 miles North of Alicante

Over 150 Moors and Christians festivals take place every year in Spain to celebrate the battle of Alcoy, 1275. In this epic battle, St George helped defeat the Moorish armies led by Al Azraq.

The Moros y Cristianos festival which takes place in Alcoy near Alicante is the biggest of them all and the one to attend if you can. Here you can witness giant re-enactments of the battles between 28 costumed armies fighting in the streets. The fiesta is the jewel in Alicante’s festival crown – even outdoing Semana Santa – Holy Week.

Fireworks are let off from all over the city and the red cross flag of St. George, familiar to the English, is flown from balconies. On the final day, battles draw to a climax with the near surrender of the Christians. However, the appearance of St. George saves the day with the eventual defeat of the Moors.

This is also a great opportunity to try some Spanish food from one of the many street vendors. Typically you will find tapas such as shrimp, mussels and grilled peppers, churros (donut sticks dipped in hot chocolate), chopitos (baby squid) and patatas bravas (sautéed potatoes with hot sauce). Mmm!

Be sure to book well ahead if you plan on attending this spectacle as hotels, cars and flights are solidly booked for these 4 days of fun starting on the 25th of April.

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