28 miles north east of Alicante, 10 miles north of Benidorm
On the CV-755 road.

Although the population of this tiny town numbers at barely 200, they have a lot to be proud of. Placed on top of rugged cliffs, overlooking a deep blue lake this location comes complete with towers, cliffs, castles, noble houses and a town square. By looking at the architecture you will see that this place has evolved over centuries. From simple stone structures which act as places of meditation and lookout, to ornate white-washed Spanish villas – this place is romantic, soothing and presents spectacular views. There is a darker side to explore as well. The dungeons here are very well preserved and you can still see the cells and torture devices.

It is best to rent a car if you have a license as the bus route is infrequent and can take a long time. You will be able to buy food at the shops or enjoy sunset views from the restaurant overlooking the scrubby mountains.

Alicante Travel Guide | Points of interest in Alicante

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