Every year, a week of celebrations erupts on to the streets of every big city in Spain. Each city does something a bit different but you can be guaranteed it will include processions of Catholic followers, carnivals, street music and religious themed displays by masked penitents. These church members carry “pasos” – displays of The Virgin Mary, Jesus and scenes from the Bible on their shoulders, through the city’s streets. Many of these floats have taken months to prepare as they are richly adorned with lace, jewels and flowers.

To complement the sometimes sombre activities of these masked bearers – Alicante shifts into party gear every evening. All of the bars and clubs will be open and busy long into the early hours.

Holy Week Calendar

Holy Week 2014 : 18 April
Holy Week 2015 : 3 April
Holy Week 2016 : 25 March
Holy Week 2017 : 14 April
Holy Week 2018 : 30 March

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