Ayuntamiento de Alicante,
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1

The building of the City Hall of Alicante was built in the 18th century on the site of the previous city hall. Now you can admire this magnificent building of baroque architectural style. The facade shows off some columns which look like sugar canes and two impressive towers.

In the interior of the City Hall you will be able to see the "Salon Azul" – the Blue Lounge, the "Salon de Plenos" and a small chapel where some special masses are celebrated. Besides these grand rooms, on the walls of the City Hall, hang works of art by Padilla and Gastón Castelló.

In the annex building, there is an exhibition of "La Ciudad Descubierta" – The City Unveiled – where you will be able to examine archaeological remains from digs in the city.

A curious feature of Alicante’s city hall is its zero point. The base of the main stair is the point from which altitudes are measured across Spain. Alicante’s small tidal changes make it a good point for above sea level comparisons. You can visit the City Hall every day in the mornings.

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