Tram 28, Lisbon

Tram 28 covers the most picturesque route in Lisbon. It leaves from Martim Moniz and continues through a labyrinth of narrow streets which will reveal the true Lisbon. This method of public transport has become the tourist tram and is one of the most appealing attractions in the city.

Discover Mouraria, one of Lisbon’s districts and while you are there, go and see the Mirador de Gra├ža which boasts fantastic views of the city. Continuing the route along Tram 28 will take you to the Royal Pantheon, Sant Vincente de Fora Church and the famous Ladra Market, Feria da Ladra. It is held from Tuesday to Saturday and is one of the most popular in Lisbon. The Tram continues its route to Mirador das Portas do Sol, in Alfama. This district is one of the best places to see the design of the old streets in Portugal.

In the city build on seven hills, the Mirador de Santa Luzia is one of the nicest with its traditional mosaic. You will finish your journey at San Jorge Castle which is at the end of line 28.

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