There are many attractions to this other-worldly cave system. Here you will find more than just the unusual mineral structures and stalactites typical of most caves. There is history, green-glowing, luminous worms and the opportunity to go one better than white water rafting. Black water rafting takes water sports to the next level by offering two routes of underwater rafting through the currents of cavern rivers.

If this sounds a bit extreme, and you’d rather marvel at nature’s achievements, take the boat tour through the unique cave system. There is a guided commentary on the geology and formation of the area, and how the caves are maintained for your enjoyment. Ruakuri Cave – cave of dogs – provides a diverting blend of spiral, man-made chamber and natural cave where a pack of dogs lived for hundreds of years.

When you decide to come up for refreshment, the Long Black Café will fill you up with pub food, great coffee and BBQs for groups.

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